Friday, February 22, 2013

Monday, December 13, 2010

Me and Kool Keith

We make it rain.


Can they stop me from being?

Monday, May 24, 2010


You are the most far out and put together person that I know.

You and I have an arranged marriage.

We're gonna be roommates.

I can summon you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ef are aye see tea aye el es

The universe comes in and out of existance. The Big Bang is what happens when the energy is exerted. Does a phallus not get soft after it has released its essence?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goddess Power

(It's the fractal
It's the gross to suble
Art is something your conceive of.
Is a baby not conceived?)
that is the tantra, to extend the moments when the veil is lifted. (i.e. orgasm, moment of death, moments of clairvoyance or clarity)
Shiva is the lightbulb, the goddess is the lamp shade. existence itself is a creation of the LILA(play as in play like house or doctor) of THE GODDESS. It's all about where she wants to aim the light. HOWEVER SHE CHOOSES TO GIVE THE LIGHT TO YOU. She says, "Here, do what you want with within these limitations." She is challenging Shiva to find freedom within the boundaries. "SHE IS ENTICING YOU TO PLAY HARDER!She entices the sperm to be the first in the egg. She entices the Shiva to be the best in the world. She screams fuck me harder! And then she chops your head off. They are just two peas in a pod.

Lucky Sperm have big Goddess Power!

Shes not the director of of the play
her game is let the players play.

The fractal.
Not only does Shiva burn your house down, but The Goddess chops your head off. SHIVA FERTILIZES THE SOIL AND THE GODDESS PLANTS THE SEED (aka your head which she just cut off. Sperm=Head. Orgasm=Death)!
Shiva makes the money and The Goddess says where the money is to be spent. It's all about where she wants to aim the light. SHES ENTICING YOU TO PLAY HARDER!
In sanskrit the word for orgasm is translated to english as "little death."

YOU BURNED YOUR OWN HOUSE DOWN BECAUSE YOU DECIDED THAT YOU WANTED TO PLAY. And she was the one who tricked you into thinking that you could do it.

Hilarious, The Goddess plays doctor.