Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teepee Wrap/ West Eats Meat

Desire for fire
I got the fuel, you got the lighter
Cut down trees to fill needs for teepee heat
Meditation in the face of Shiva's feet,
I wonder when again we'll meet

Friday, March 21, 2008

Too Much to Say

Listen, I've got too much to say on this subject. aka not enough time in the world.
Please bear with me.  i am not even to the good stuff yet.
Stay Posted

California Dreamin'

Reincarnation is proven because you awoke from somewhere.  

We wouldn't live if there were no reincarnation.  

Where do you think you woke up from?  

Death.  You fell asleep. That's why you woke up.

Shiva is filling the void of the space of the inbetween with whatever you want.  

The body is finite the mind is infinite.  

Embodied consciousness is the bomb! 

Get the infinite and the finite and everything inbetween! 

What you create is the inbetween.

We imagine the world.  The Metaphor of Shiva and Shakti gives us a new way to imagine the world

Its is as if whatever we experience we are imagining ourselves.

I am listening to Bjork now.

Bjork is great; I would not be able to think of this music without her.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two things always create a third thing

all that I know is everything. 
But everything is all that I know.
I spit love. 

There are two worlds. 
There is the conversation, and there is the conversation about the conversation.

I am all up here, floating around in my vast empty infinite space.  
There is a material to be had.  

I need to create that within the world. 
Everyone is all in the world talkin about menthol cigarrettes and what kind of shoes they are wearing.
I'm like fuck that I'm getting out of I went. Into the depths of my consciousness where I found all of this great stuff.  
So now it is all about my approach back into the world.  
Now I need to translate what I got from leaving the world back into the world!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Shiva's gonna burn your house down.

you create reality based on your thoughts

a thought brings about the world being real
all you have to do is have the thought of enlightenment and you are already there!
you become what you contemplate

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vimarsha Shakti

You are all of the characters in the story!

The Tantra is the "loom" of interconnectedness of all things

Consciousness is God

Everything exists within the realm of consciousness.
The notion of God also exists within the realm of consciousness, so anything that is consciousness must also be that too!

All forms are an expression of consciousness.
As you are always expressing yourself
All is the manifested and unmanifested expression of Shiva as Consciousness.

The Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses are given to us as mirrors of consciousness.
The reason there are so many Gods and Goddesses is to somehow express the dynamic multifaceted forms of consciousness.

You are in a hall of mirrors.
How many different ways can YOU see yourself?

The path is the journey of self-reflection (Vimarsha).
The path leads to Power (Shakti)
Vimarsha Shakti-
The Power Of Self Reflection

Friday, March 14, 2008

The World Is Built Of Maya

Maya is the measure of things

Maya as the divine Shakti is always showing you something-
what is she offering?
What are we not getting? 
What are we seeking? 
You have to create clarity.

abstinence is a deck of cards. Gotta know when to play it.
Shiva holds in the sexual energy in his Sthanu Linga
Sthanu is the motionless pillar of water
Death is the final release

Its not that Shiva is holding it in and not letting it out...
He is just really good at it! 

If you left all the doors open, your room would be the inside of the universe.  

Ya there is predestiny, its called death.  
Certainty is death. 
Life is about engaging possibilities.  
The prospect of certainty raises the stakes.  
The certainty of death is what makes life uncertain.  
It is what creates the possibilities. 

Siva is the potential for recognition of self in the world of maya.  
Siva is constructed out of maya's game.  
Siva stands for the moment of self reflection/recognition.  
As soon as you get it, it has changed to something else.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who's Hiding Where?

"Shiva has hidden himself in you, as you"- Paul Muller Ortega


When you wake up to Shiva, you wake up to yourself! 


You live and die every moment


Death had a dream and this is it


When you realize that you are in a dream you start to lucid dream.  

you get what you want  


So when you die you wake up. 

Death is a cosmic awakening as the Self.  


When you find someone else who  on your plateau you can work as a team to help each other up! Duh! 


this consciousness manifested itself...outta nowhere!!!  


Its like you were walking aroundin the dark and there was no light and then you stumbled upon all of the colors! 

From the depths of the mind, the silence, comes a thought.  Consciousness is manifesting itself!



Death had a dream and this is it.

So when you die, you wake up!


What happens when someone dies??


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shiva is a pothead

Shiva is a pothead.
He is destroying ordinary states of consciousness to complexify, stabilize, and deepen his experience of the world.

the cosmic joke is that- everyone is so serious!    
you end up laughing because you thought it was'nt a joke.

Shiva is destroying boundaries by going beyond what is accepted and conventional. 

There is going out to that world of infinity and going into that world of humaniy, of finitude.  

Shiva smokes weed to bring him the to the vastness of infinity. Shiva is realizing that the conventional world is a singular speck of a vast infinity.  

imagine infinity.
its more than that.
try infinity to the infinite power

keep going

got to destroy the singularity of I am Me to get to the thing that pervades all things. 

Consciousness pervades all things.
Infinity Pervades all singularity.

when you fall in the pool of infinity  you cant tell which voices are yours and which voices are not.

what if you thought the opposite of what you think now?  
what if you stepped into the realm of the unknown of the unknown?
what if you turned the mirror back on itself?

once you fall in the pool of infinity it takes forever to bring you back.
once you realize that you are consciousness that pervades all things there is infinitely more of yourself to create.

Shakti is the world that we are born into. 
She is the womb.  
She is the mirror that is pointing on consciousness. 

Shiva, by merging with Shakti, is able to wake back up from his trip of infinity back to singular reality.

You cannot go into the realm of infinity if there first is no you!

Shakti is the potentiating thing and the restricting thing

Shiva is the way we can be conscious of the potentiated and restricted nature of matter. 

Shiva as consicousness pervades all things
Shakti as material pervades all things

Shiva is the static
Shakti is the dynamic

Shiva and Shakti create music

The silence is Shiva and the sounds are Shakti
In order to create music we need both silence and sound 

Shakti is the capacity for consciousness to be conscious of itself.
Shakti is the one who is having the experience.  
you have to have the one thing in order to comprehend the infinite. 
Shakti is the one thing.
Shakti is the capacity for one thing to manifest itself infinitely.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Jumping the once concealed

The meditation is the journey into Síva's heart. 
Siva's heart is a model for ultimate reality.  

The deeper you go into oneness the more parts you create.  
everytime you divide to get to a smaller point you get more points.  

Shiva's heart is infinite and is located within the realm of Vimarsha- self reflection.  
In other words consciousness has the capacity to be conscious of itself.   

Siva is the encoder and Vishnu (krishna) is the decoder. Vishnu is telling us what in the world goes where and Siva is making more of the world. 

Om namah Sivaya.  
Siva is the cosmic father. 

Shakti is the obstruction to Siva's nature. 

Siva is the light, Shakti is the lightshade. 
Shakti's grace is the thing that allows our consciousness to be embodied.
Shakti is the womb.  

Siva is walking around in the dark, in his vast consciousness and Shakti holds up a crystal. 
She built the house for the Pandavas. 
She is the fertility storhouse. 

She is the factor that is allowing the consciousness to reflect off of something. 
She is the house (body) that we are all born into

The moon is the way that the sun gets to see itself. 
In order for consciousness to experience itself it must manifest itself in its other. 
This is Shakti's grace. 

The world is a raging hard on. 
Shakti is making it erect, She is allowing the energy of consciousness to become embodied. 

She's the one who is obscuring Siva's nature. 
Shiva is the ascetic, but as the ascetic Shakti obscures Shivas nature by turning him on. 

Essentially Shiva starts to do this sexual meditation.  

Shiva is the in between, He is the ascetic-erotic. 
Shakti is holding something up in the way of infinity so Siva's consciousness reflects off of something. 
Siva is the sun Shakti is the moon. THATS WHY SIVA WAKES UP! He's like what the fuck is this? Paging me at five twenty six in the moon'n. She makes him realize that he is embodied. That's why I quit smoking cigarettes. 
I want to live! 

Some religions are irrational because they claim to be real. The reason I like hinduism is the same reason I like cartoons. cartoons create a whole new world where everything is fake or an illusion but that creates more possibilities and they do not claim to be real. They're saying hey were not claiming to be real and our whole world is built on that.. Hinduism is a cartoon. Some other religions are like silly unrealistic pop sitcoms. Or even worse. Reality TV. Some other religions are saying the cartoon is real. Some Hindus are also saying that it is real but they recognize it as a cartoon. Everyone is living in a cartoon and most people don't know it. The multitude of Gods and Goddesses are here to show us all of the cartoon characters that we embody from one moment to the next. Falsity leads to deeper truths. Calling the world a cartoon is a falsity in order to complexify, stabilize and deepen our experience of the world, in that order. haha.  The world is a hall of mirrors

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pool of Infinty Anyone?

When you fall in the pool of infinity, you end up shitting in the same water you are showering in; you end up doing yoga on the bathroom floor. That is funny. You are the the in-between and both things. you are the in-between , between the outside world and the inside world. two things always create a third thing. you are the third thing! The Turducken (chicken inside of a duck, inside of a turkey). The only way you know that you are the duck is because you are not the turkey or the chicken. but you are the turkey and the duck and the chicken because you are the physical manifestation of consciousness and the universe is created within consciousness. it just depends on what perspective you are coming from. but you can zoom in or zoom out to realize that you are the whole thing. when you zoom in you become star dust and when you zoom out you become stardust. My teacher Dr. Books says, "why did you think we ever left?" the only way you know you are awake is because you woke up, and you woke up because you fell asleep. you wake up every moment, so that means that you also fall asleep at every moment. grace is aligning you. grace is about being on top of every moment so you can really wake up. In order to find yourself you must create your other. you must create grace. you only attain grace when you have an intention set. you have to ask the question in order to get it right. This is why we intoxicate ourselves. That's why we play music... It is to create a world that is smiling back at you. That's why its a joke!...its funny! When you realize that the world is your mental projection you wake up! ...and then you get what you ask for. And of course you laugh histerically because it is a joke! but... its only a joke if the world you create is smiling; if its frowning, it is an insult, and you need to rephrase your question. the world is a manifestation of desire. Gravity. the universe wants us to want more. so we gotta learn how ask the right question. The dance of life is about aligning your desires with what the universe is offering you. that is why we have dancing shiva in the womb of shakti. Siva is creating art out of war. he is going beyond what is possible. the universe is made up of grace. Shiva is aligning with the grace of the universe by submitting to it and also being a force within it. he is inbetween the force of himself and the force of the universe because when you act on the world, the world acts upon you. he is inbetween the inside and the outside because he is both the inside and the outside.

consciousness prevades all things.

everything fits into the world of consciousness, because we are conscious of the idea of everything, we might just not be able to comprehend it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Shiva is Dancing

The light is Shiva. the consciousness is Shiva. the object is Shakti. the material is Shakti. The prism is Shakti. Can't have one without the other. Shakti is turning on the light. Shakti turns Siva on. The universe is not flaccid. The universe is a raging hard on. The universe is not a universe at all, it is a multiverse. is is always being broken down in sets of twos and threes. The universe is a raging hard on so it is one thing...except you cant get hard unless you are...inspired...the universe is not masturbating. it is holding in all of the sexual energy and controlling its release. there are three things, there is Siva (consciousness), Shakti (material) and the third thing (embodiment), which is alway the relationship between the two or the plus one. The only way we know that it is a universe is because we have many things. How do you know there are infinite universes? because there is one universe. The one universe has manifested itself in many universes. Every person is their own universe. The many is the way that we as a collective can experience the universe. The multi is the way we experience the uni. Many eyes. You need all of the angles of consciousness to understand the many facets of the entire whole. Brahman is broken, fractured, to experience itself. we actually never get to oneness because how would "you" know if you got there. the fact is that we came from oneness, we go to oneness and we never left oneness. oneness has manifested itself as a diversified, fractalized, whole. the unified multiverse is a paradox. The universe is a prism of infinite colors, but we can only experience it as a prism. we essentially can never just see the one light, and why would you want to?? the divine as a whole is being presented to us as infinite colors in a grand spectrum.