Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goddess Power

(It's the fractal
It's the gross to suble
Art is something your conceive of.
Is a baby not conceived?)
that is the tantra, to extend the moments when the veil is lifted. (i.e. orgasm, moment of death, moments of clairvoyance or clarity)
Shiva is the lightbulb, the goddess is the lamp shade. existence itself is a creation of the LILA(play as in play like house or doctor) of THE GODDESS. It's all about where she wants to aim the light. HOWEVER SHE CHOOSES TO GIVE THE LIGHT TO YOU. She says, "Here, do what you want with within these limitations." She is challenging Shiva to find freedom within the boundaries. "SHE IS ENTICING YOU TO PLAY HARDER!She entices the sperm to be the first in the egg. She entices the Shiva to be the best in the world. She screams fuck me harder! And then she chops your head off. They are just two peas in a pod.

Lucky Sperm have big Goddess Power!

Shes not the director of of the play
her game is let the players play.

The fractal.
Not only does Shiva burn your house down, but The Goddess chops your head off. SHIVA FERTILIZES THE SOIL AND THE GODDESS PLANTS THE SEED (aka your head which she just cut off. Sperm=Head. Orgasm=Death)!
Shiva makes the money and The Goddess says where the money is to be spent. It's all about where she wants to aim the light. SHES ENTICING YOU TO PLAY HARDER!
In sanskrit the word for orgasm is translated to english as "little death."

YOU BURNED YOUR OWN HOUSE DOWN BECAUSE YOU DECIDED THAT YOU WANTED TO PLAY. And she was the one who tricked you into thinking that you could do it.

Hilarious, The Goddess plays doctor.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Goddess subverts Shiva's powers.
She turns His essence into more stuff.
She seduces Him in order to steal His seeds.
She likes to ride Him...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guess Who?

The One and The Infinite

The fact is that, the universe was born from LILA! PLAY! But GAMES ARE NOT ALWAYS FUN!
Work is play but games are not always fun.
No wait....

A BRIEF insight into the psychedelic nature of reality.
The world as play.

The Game of Life.

BA hum bug to the Game of LIfe

Well. You bring up an excellent point. The Cosmic play can either look like a joke, or an insult. Reality remains, that when the lights turn on, the curtain is removed, the insult is DAMN FUNNY.

Wait quick! Ask me what my favorite color is!
All of em!

Not just white,
Black too!
And everyting in between.

But i dont necessarily like all of the colors at once!

Which brings me to my next point!
If you were to GET all of the colors ALL of the time there would be no experience or experiencer! infact, TIME itself is the unreeling of each variation of energy/light/color through a perspective called consciousness.
The prism refracts all of the light.
consciousness is the light. your body is the prism
thats why its all play! cuz its all light! (Shiva and Shakti are PLAYING!)
some colors are just darker than others!


Shiva and Shakti are playing with the light!

She says what color and where.
He loves seeing Himself in infinite variety.


Well from here it looks like the ONE is the INFINITE

The proof is in the pudding. You are the universe.
The universe is not something. It is someONE!!
Guess who?