Sunday, April 27, 2008

Submit, Subsume

Brahman is all that exists.
Within Brahman we have Polar opposites
Brahma is the God who had the original dream of the cosmos. within that dream He created Shiva- the consciousness of the universe, and Shakti- the matter of the universe.

On a side note, there are no Brahma temples in India. This being that a long time ago Brahma was cursed by Shiva because he lusted after his daughter, his daughter being the Goddess, Shakti, or, materiality.

Brahma represents the possibility of creation therefore once something is created (like a temple) it is already in the hands of Sustaining and Destruction (Vishnu and Shiva).

We are living in the manifested Womb of the Divine Shakti. Shiva or Consciousness without Shakti is a stagnant mirror which simply reflects all things shone onto it. Shakti is the possibility of consciousness to be conscious of itself.

Embodiment is the potential for consciousness to be conscious of itself.


Shiva arguably came first and then Shakti was created. Although Shakti came second, her role as The Womb subverts Shiva's power. The reason being that The Feminine has such tremendous power that She/she can create an entire new universe containing the set of Shiva and Shakti from within her.

Shakti is the the potential for Shiva to wake up to Himself! Shakti shows Shiva that he is Consciousness.

Shiva (the sun) can only see Himself by reflecting off of Shakti (the moon)

Friday, April 25, 2008



or in other words


A sentence in the Sanskrit language is essentially creating a very complex word.

The sentence Satchitananda is one word that means beingconsciousnessbliss.

Being is consciousness is bliss.

No matter what is going on in the physical world, consciousness is always in a state of biss.

Yoga postures are a direct pathway to teach you to turn your attention inward to consciousness or pure beingness. No matter how much pain you are in, the bliss of consciousness is always available

the mantra will take you there: satchitananda

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meditation Boring

Infinity Boring. Embodiment is the best of both worlds.  Shiva is the infinite consciousness inside of Shakti's finite womb. 

the process

...what is the processs? Creation maintenance and destruction concealment revealment....

they are mountains that you are climbing. You climb all of the are at one point on every mountain. You are always summiting the next mountain of your self.

The book is a mantra. yogamaya! Lila! You engage maya through the act of play.

The deeper you are, the stiller you get. The stiller you are the deeper you get. You get deep into silence.

You couldn't experience something that was not an expression of god...because consciousness is the way that all experience presents itself...even drug experiences are experiences of the couldn't have one that wasn't.

shakti is the body and shiva is consciousness

Balance the sakti...capoeira...grace.   It doesn't happern very often but once twice in a lifetime.  You just find it through the eyes...  

You see the eyes and you instantly know...everything.  That's where its at. 

After you I got no one left to impress.    I love you. 

either way you win.  You might as well fight.  That's all there is to do at this point.   You live you gain earth you die you gain heaven. Either way you might as well fight.

its a planetary situation. Its like dealing with chemicals.  If you get the right combination you get the right result.  This is why we have ritual.  Alchemy.  Ritual if done right will give you results!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Im on some new shit

I'm on some new shit.

Yeah but its the oldest shit there is. 

The body is the machine.  When you ride a bike you need to operate the machine that operates the machine.  Tantra is about going back to the roots. 

Who is driving the machine? Even consciousness itself is a machine that is being driven. 

Shiva and Maya are dancing and fighting.  They are playing! What is the most basic form of play? Without the machines...

Sex is about play.  Who is playing the machine that is driving your machine driver?

You are and it is the You that is the deepest part of the Self, You are the Self

If you let your mind wander too far you might not know how to get back.

Shiva's Infinite Heart Space

Some things fall into the space of the heart and others don't. That is only if your heart is a limited space.  

Psychedelics allow you to open that space so that more things can fall into it.  Once the heart grows to the point where everything falls into that space, you become the man inside of your own heart both mentally and physically.  That's when you awaken to yourself as Siva. That is lucid dreaming. 

Assimilating everything into that space allows you to wake up to yourself. Then you get whatever you want. 

The gift of embodiment! You put yourself here. Don't think that you didn't.